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Why use a financial planner?

As finance professionals we can ensure that you are on the right track to reach your goals in retirement, while at the same time ensuring you and your family are protected. This provides peace of mind for family members in the case of death or disablement of either partner.

How do we make sure your advice is appropriate?

We will conduct a fact find interview and this will give us an in depth understanding of your financial circumstances, income, assets, investments and liabilities. The next step is to discuss your short and long term financial and lifestyle goals and formulate a strategy based on these goals. For example if you are a conservative investor we will recommend conservative investments, and if you are a high risk investor we would look at investments that fit that particular risk profile.

The importance of reviews

To ensure your particular financial plan is keeping in alignment with your goals, we will conduct a 12 monthly review to enquire if there have been any changes that we need to incorporate into the strategy. For example if you had a baby or have taken on more debt, we would need to look at making sure your protection levels are still adequate.

Services provided

Structured Advice :

Comprehensive advice including a review of all of your financial needs.

Targeted Advice :

Advice on certain areas such as inheritance, retirement, insurance, budgeting and cashflow management.

Specialist Advice :

We are also specialists in the following areas:

  1. Investment Advice including cash deposit products
  2. Superannuation including access to internally geared products
  3. Transition to retirement strategies
  4. Consolidation of superannuation and insurances
  5. Self managed superannuation funds

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 951 915 for a free no obligation appointment.

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