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Superannuation changes effective from July 2017

There are many changes coming for the superannuation industry the most important that need to be acted on now being:

  1. Maximum Balance of 1.60M in Pension Phase – if you have more than 1.60M in pension phase now call us to discuss some strategies we have formulated for you!

  2. Concessional ( before tax) contributions now maximum $25,000 reduced from $35,000 after 1st July 2017. It’s not too late to make a contribution before the end of the financial year, call us today!

  3. Non concessional – ( after tax) contributions now maximum $100,000 from $180,000 after 1st July 2017 – Again not too late to make a contribution – call us today!

  4. Small Business and Farmers - there are concessions available for you, call us today!

The world of finance is complicated, however we are here to guide you through the journey!

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